10 Insane Things Every Law Student Experiences

10 Insane Things Every Law Student Experiences

Law is a great subject to study at university but it does have its challenges… being a law student is just not that simple!

1. People Constantly Ask You Free Mein Case Laro Gey?

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2. You Never Really Get Out Of The Cambridge O/A Level System

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3. Exams Are Unpredictable

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And When You Get The Paper


4. Grading System Is Hard To Explain(40 is pass 70 is distinction and 1st class degree or 2:1 or 2:2)


5. Degree Titles LLB, LLM, LPC Full Forms In Latin

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6. Agay Kya Kero Gey? Litigation Isn’t The Only Form Of Law You Know

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7. Read Read Read

There is a lot of reading.

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8. Your BBA Friends Dont Understand Why You Cant Cheat On Your Exams- Local Nai Hai Boiz

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9. Further Parhai Is The Biggest Nightmare

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10. People Expect You To Know Cases And The Laws On Everything

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