10 Gigantic Travel Letdowns That Will Make You Rethink Your Vacation Destination

10 Gigantic Travel Letdowns That Will Make You Rethink Your Vacation Destination

We all have dream destinations that we would love to go to at least once in our lives. Maybe one of us wants to visit Cambodia or  Spain. Some may even want to have a picnic near the Eiffel Tower or go sunbathing on the beaches of Greece or Maldives. But don’t let those fancy travel agency pictures or the way these places are depicted in movies fool you. The reality of all these famous travel destinations will leave you in shock,

you may even consider changing your dream destination after seeing these pictures…

      1. Expectation Of A Picnic At The Eiffel Tower


The Reality Of It Is Appalling


2. Expectation Of A Stroll On The Great Wall Of China


The Reality Will Make You Want To Run Back Home


3. Expectation Of Exploring The Beautiful Temples Of Cambodia


The Reality Will Make You Wish You Had Rather Gone To Sunday Bazaar


4. Expectation of Sitting In a Relaxing Gondola In Venice


Reality Of It Looks Like You Are About To Play Bumper Cars


5. Expectation of Basking in the Glory Of Beautiful Stonehenge


Reality: Basking In The Smell Of Other People’s Sweat


6. Expectation Of Enjoying The Beautiful Santorini Island, Greece


Reality Is Trying To Find Space To Sit


7. Expectation of the Beautiful Beaches of Maldives


The Reality Will Make You Want To BARF


8. Expectations Of An Amazing Trip To Egypt To Look At All The Historical Sites


Reality: Getting Mugged In The Immense Crowd


9.  Expectation Of Seeing One Of The Most Beautiful Waterfalls Of The World,  Niagara Falls


Reality Is Losing Yourself In Thousands Of People Who Came To Do The Same Thing


10. And Of Course The Expectation Of Seeing the One And Only Taj Mahal


Reality: It’s More A Symbol Of Population Control Than Pyar


Source: www.lifebuzz.com


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