10 Food Items You Thought Originated In Pakistan!

1. Chai

If you think it’s chai that makes you Pakistani, think again! Chinese have been drinking tea for thousands of years it was later adopted by the British the by the subcontinent!

2. Gulab Jamun


Originally derived from a fritter that Persian-speaking invaders brought to the subcontinent.

3. Samosa


Before the 10th century, Samosa was only know to people in the Middle East.

4. Jalebi

This yummy delicious treat is not of Pakistani origin either, it was originally made in the Middle East.

5. Koftay

This subcontinental staple is originally from Persia.


6. Biryani

It is a dish which originated in Turkey but also has some Persian roots.


7. Naan

Naan bread is also from Persia, later was adopted by Afghans after that the trend entered Pakistan.


8. Tikka

Chicken tikka no matter how Pakistani you think it may be, it also is from Persia.


Surprised? We too are!

Source: ThatScoop

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