10 Extremely Desi Things That Happen In Every Pakistani Household

Grown up in a desi Pakistani house? We bet the next minute of your life will be a dejavu recap of your life.

These are the things that happen in every Pakistani household – this is what makes us extremely desi.. and most of the time we’re actually proud of it.

1. When you’re running out of shampoo and decide the remains should linger for a few more days..


2. When you know the toothpaste needs to be replaced but you really don’t care and suck the life out of it


3. When you try the cheapest tactics to impress the guests.. yup


4. When your family buys a new car and you have to sit on the plastic seats for… a year


5. When the television remote batteries decide to die but you revive them one last time..


6.  When you’re going to a buffet and starve yourself all day long..


7. When you’re checking out from a hotel and decide to take everything along with you..


8. Every single time you open the ice cream box in the fridge and find daal or alu gosht inside – kills you


9. Most of us have never even tasted these biscuits but seen this box a million times..


10. Seriously, this has to be the desiest thing Pakistanis do. That too, proudly


So.. you ask us if we’re proud to be extremely desi? You’re goddamn right we’re proud!

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