10 Expressions You Give When Listening to Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

1. That moment when Baby Bhutto begins the speech! “Awestruck” you go!

blu boy

2. Is Bilawal a girl or boy… Just can’t figure it out!


3. Ohh Myy Goddd! I would rather bang my head off the board than listen to this retard speaking!!

maddd baging head

4. Your kids know the difference between watching the cartoon and Bilawal baby! The latter is only more pain in the Arse!!



5. ‘Put Katli???’ Is this man speaking Urdu or German or a language from a totally different planet!


6. “Maiee bolee thee na meri bhai Bilawal mujhse bhi funny hee” – Baba Chatur Raam Leenngham

chatur..told u my bro bilawal is funnier than me

7. This is like a PTI fan stuck in Baby Bhutto’s Jalsa! He doesn’t know the shit he is listening to!

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jalsa guy

8. By the end of his speech! ..You go like Wat da Fuq did I listen to??! LOL


9. Doesn’t matter if anyone else takes pride in this… his dad always will … ‘Akhir beta kiska haiii’ – Asif Zordari



10. That moment when you just realized you heard Baby Bhutto speaking! was that a trauma?? was I in my senses?? Am I still alive??

john cena

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