10 Desi People You’re Lucky Not To Share Names With

Do you curse your parents for giving you a generic name of some sort? Are you one of those people whose name is so common that you can find hundreds of them within a mile’s radius? Or perhaps it’s vice versa and your name is complicated that no one within their right minds can ever pronounce it properly on their first try?


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Yes, the Suite Life of Zack and Cody was dope

Stop being ungrateful

You don’t really have it that bad. Do you wanna know why? Because you’re not one of the following people whose names are so terrible you can’t even try to understand what was going through the minds of their parents or whoever it was that named them in the first place.

 Dr. B.R.Boob and Dr. (Mrs.) V.B. Boob


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Son: “Mum, Dad, I’m sick.”
Dad: “It’s okay son, I’ll take you to see the Boobs and you’ll be fine.”
Wife: *hits him on the head with a rolling pin*

Fa Kyu

Source: www.dailymoss.com

Source: www.dailymoss.com

Teacher: “We have a new student today. Why don’t you introduce yourself? What’s your name?”
Student : “Fa Kyu.”
Teacher: “Well, fuck you too then.”

Adolf Lu Hilter


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Campaigner: “Vote for Hitler!”
Crowd: *pelts him with shoes*

Ravindra Banchhod


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Friend: “This design is really good, did you pick it out yourself?”
Me: “Nahi Banchhod did that.”

Bihari Lund


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Bond: “Bond. James Bond.”
Lund: “Lund. Bihari Lund.”

Sheila Dikshit


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Presenter: “….”
Sheila: “….”
Presenter: *opens mouth*
Sheila: “Don’t even try.”

Harshit Boob

harshit boob

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Aunt: *hugs Harshit*
Mum: “Will you stop touching my boob?”
Aunt: “What?”
Harshit: “omg mom it’s been twenty years please stop making that joke”.

Napoleon Einstein

Source: www.dailymoss.com

Source: www.dailymoss.com

And he ended up becoming a cricketer. Heh.

Anu’s English Academy

anusenglish academy


Relative: “So where do you study beta?”
Kid: “Jee I recently got admitted into Anus”

Anal Singh

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I’m not even gonna try to caption this. I have no idea what the fuck this guy(or girl?)’s parents were thinking of when they were deciding their kid’s name. Probably about horny they were or their favourite position in bed.

So every time you feel bad about your name, go through the names of the people given above and you’re guaranteed to feel better about your life. Unless you’re one of the people given above, in which case I’m truly sorry for you. 

Not. I’m too busy laughing my ass off.

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