10 Best Horror Movies Of The 90s You Should Watch Again!

1. The Silence of the lambs

Rookie FBI agent Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster) hopes to catch a serial killer by enlisting the help of another one. But while Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) might be behind bars, he’s still dangerous. This is one of those horror movies people like to call a thriller, because it sounds cleverer, but make no mistake: it’s scary.


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2. Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob Singer (Tim Robbins) is a Vietnam vet whose entire unit died in horrific ways during the war. Or were they? Back in New York, Jacob starts experiencing vivid hallucinations and soon neither he nor we know what happened at all.


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3. The Sixth Sense

A child psychologist attempts to help a spooky kid who reckons he sees ghosts. But the more time he spends with the child, the more it seems his delusions might be true. You probably already know the ending, but even so, there’s something endearingly eerie about this movie.


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4. The People Under The Stairs

Desperately in need of money, a couple of criminals break into the house of a seemingly well-to-do family, only to discover there’s something seriously scary going on in there. Wes Craven had done inbred cannibals before with The Hills Have Eyes, but with The People Under The Stairs, he moved them out of the backwoods and into suburbia.


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5. Castle Freak

An American family inherits a castle in Italy and decides to move in. As always with these things, though, the castle turns out to be hiding a nasty secret in the basement – one that doesn’t want to stay locked away any longer.


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6. Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth

Hellraiser III is the last of the Hellraiser movies that’s worth watching. Following the events of Hellraiser II, Pinhead gets trapped in an artefact known as the Pillar of Souls, which gets installed in a new nightclub. All hell, predictably, breaks loose.

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7. The Sect

Also known as The Devil’s Daughter (or La Setta in its native Italian), this is kind of like Michele Soavi’s take on Rosemary’s Baby. A young schoolteacher (Kelly Curtis) almost runs over an old man (Herbert Lom) and decides to take him home to make sure he’s okay. But he’s no harmless pensioner: he’s the head of a Satanic sect looking for someone to give birth to the Anti-Christ.

The Sect title

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8. Event Horizon

In space, no-one can hear you scream, so you’d think hapless starship captains would stop responding to mysterious distress calls. The Event Horizon is no ordinary spaceship, and anyone who boards her meets a grim fate quicker than you can say “warp speed 10.


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9. Boy Meets Girl

A man meets a woman in a bar and invites himself back to her place. Everything seems to be going well when she suggests they watch an erotic movie, but her idea of a fun evening turns out to be significantly different from his


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10. Candyman

Legend has it that if you look into a mirror and recite “Candyman” three times, a hook-handed ghost will show up to murder you. A grad student investigating the legend tries it out and, sure enough, the legend comes true. Bit reckless, that.


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