10 Best Harry Potter Memes And Tweets

Growing up, all we’d ever wanted was one letter from Hogwarts so we could happily leave our lives behind to join Harry Potter in the magical world. The following sums up our obsession perfectly:

1. Our deepest, darkest fear;


Source: tumblr.com

2. When The Harry Potter met The Mean Girls;

burn book- twitter

Source: twitter.com

3. Say No to Edward!

Or say nothing?

edward- squce

Source: squce.com

4. Hermione won’t be pleased;

asian hp- moviememes

Source: moviememes.com

5. There’s a Harry, Ron and Hermione everywhere;

exam- tumblr

Source: tumblr.com

6. If you really think about it;

teenage boy

Source: twitter.com

7. Even the actors can’t seem to get enough of it!

Source: pinterest.com

8. Fred and George continue to be awesome;

fred and george- rebloggy

Source: rebloggy.com

9. Harry Potter is basically brilliant, whichever way you look at it;

stairs- mugglenet

Source: mugglenet.com

10. Even Gordon Ramsey’s making Harry Potter references!

Source: mugglenet.com

Yep. We’re all THAT obsessed.


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