10 Beautiful Things In A Healthy Phuppo-Bhatija/Bhatiji Relationship

10 Beautiful Things In A Healthy Phuppo-Bhatija/Bhatiji Relationship

“Phupo tou haar cheez ki fasad ki jarr hoti hai.”

Phupo – a word used to describe an evil culprit of every family. Everywhere you go, the relationship of “phuppo-bhatija” is being bashed.

There are a few things you can blame for this spread of stereotype; the internet and the Pakistani drama industry. The drama industry has to show bahu as the righteous person whereas the nand is depicted of being a sadist witch.

The internet, for all the likes and retweets hops on the easy joke bandwagon and thus, efficiently solidifies a stereotype in the minds of the teenagers using the internet.

Par humari zindagi aik saas bahu drama nahi hai!!



Though it is true in some cases, they can be counted as exceptions. But most of the time, a phuppo is just as loving as a khala or a mother. Being from a family where the khalas and the phuppos showered their love equally, here’s a reflection of some of the beautiful virtues of a healthy Phuppo-bhatija/bhatiji relationship.

1. Listening To Your Phuppo Tell Childhood Stories About Your Father And Laughing At Them With Her


Source: aaliyahzahra.wordpress.com

2. Discussing The Exact Details Of How Your Parents Rishta Came To Play


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3. Going To Her House To See That She Has Cooked The Food That You Love


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4. Getting Extra Eidi At Eid If You’re Her Favorite


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5. Treating Her Like Your Own Mother


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6. Providing Her Empathy And Support When She Shares Her Problems With You


Source: aaliyahzahra.wordpress.com

7. Helping Her Around The House And Watch Her Eyes Sparkle With Love For You


Source: you know such lovely people

8. When You Know That There Are More People To Cry With You When You’re At Your Lowest


Source: Newscult

9. When You Know That There Is Another Person To Be Happy For You On Your Successes


Source: BuzzFeed

10. Knowing In Your Heart About The Countless Prayers She Makes Specially For You


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