10 Advices That Pakistani Pregnant Women Are Tired Of Hearing By Desi Aunties

As soon you break the news that you are expecting a baby, unwanted advises start to pour in from everywhere! Desi stereotypical aunties feel that it’s their foremost duty to advise women who are about to bring a child into this world. However, without much surprise, it can be safely declared that there is little truth behind them. They are mostly myths and superstitions that have been passed on from one generation to another, without giving them a second thought, sadly.

Here is a list of such 10 advises that you get to hear once you are pregnant.

1. Do Not Wear Heels-It’ll Effect The Baby’s Growth:

‘Aisi halat mein heels pehnogi?’ is the most heard comment by all the women that are expecting a baby. Every pregnant woman should wear flats or flip-flops all the time because heels would damage your baby. We wonder how Natalie Portman and Nicole Kidman had healthy babies while they walked in heels on various red carpets!

2. Tie Your Hair Before Heading Out:

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“You cannot go out with loose hair, especially after sunset. I’m afraid you will be hunted down by an evil spirit and not just you, your baby too,” said all the desi aunties to every woman who ever got pregnant.

3. Do Not Travel Alone In Your Last Trimester:

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Going somewhere alone? Tauba Tauba! What if something happens to you without your husband or anyone else around you? Who will take care of you? Stay at home and wait for the moment till you feel those cramps.

4. Drink Coconut Water So Your Child Will Have Fairer Skin:

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After you hear the news of pregnancy, the first thing that aunties and parents wish for is ‘Bus bacha kaala na ho‘. This obnoxious statement is one of the most common ones in our society. So the advise aunties give to prevent this from happening is drink coconut water, you’ll have a fair-skinned child.

5. Wear Loose Clothes All Through Your Pregnancy:

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Don’t you dare to wear tight or fitted clothes in your pregnancy. Desi aunties want the moms-to-be to wear loose clothes till the very last month. So that nobody will know that you are expecting and one day BOOM you have a child.

6. Don’t Attend Funerals If You Are Carrying A Child:

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One thing you cannot dare to do is to visit funerals while you’re pregnant. Not because you’ll get depressed and it isn’t good for your baby, that’s too logical! The superstitious reason is that evil spirits are lurking there.

7. Look At Pictures Of Beautiful Babies, You’ll Have One Yourself:

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So the fact that genes matter a lot in creating a beautiful baby is absolute rubbish in the eyes of these aunties. If you look at pictures of other beautiful babies, your child will become a stunner, just like that!

8. Don’t Dare To Inform Anyone About Your Pregnancy:

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Once you hear the good news of expecting a baby, never share the news with anyone! ‘Nazar lag jayegi’. After hearing so many of these up-to-no-good advises, these pregnant women shouldn’t have bothered to tell them as well.

9. If Your Mother Has An Easy Delivery So Will You:

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This is also a quite common advice that almost every aunty has made up. In reality, even if your mother had an easy delivery, you might end up having a very complicated one.

10. If You’re Glowing, Its A Boy:

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You have a certain glow on your face during pregnancy? Congratulations you’re having a boy! The astonishing part is that these aunties tell you the gender of the baby way before you find it out. If that is the case, get rid of those ultrasounds, these aunties are there at your service.
Don’t you think its high time that we should stop believing in such superstitions and get over them? Our God has made things very simple and easy for us to understand yet we complicate them to make our lives miserable. Hence its better to not pay heed to any such advises!

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